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Dispelling the Fears around Dentists: How Wisdom Tooth Removal Really Works

If you’re afraid of the dentist, you wouldn’t be alone. Almost one in seven Australian adults are anxious about visiting the dentist, making it one of the most prevalent fears in the country. However, the practices around which these fears are based are no longer relevant in the world of dentistry. One area that has changed for the better is the process of wisdom tooth extraction. The team at True Dental believe that everyone should be able to visit the dentist without any fear, so we’ve decided to dispel anxieties by addressing some common myths. Here’s how wisdom tooth removal on the Gold Coast really works.

Expectations Vs Reality: How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Works In the 21st Century

The real reason so many people fear the dentist is because they walk into the clinic with expectations of pain and unpleasantness based on past experiences, stories from loved ones, or references in popular culture. We’re here to let you know the reality of wisdom teeth removal on the Gold Coast.

  • Expectation: The dentist is pulling my tooth out, so it’s obviously going to hurt!
    • Reality: You should feel no pain at all during your wisdom tooth extraction. That’s right; absolutely no pain. Usually, you don’t need general anaesthesia for extraction, as a local will numb the area entirely. However, if you suffer extreme dental anxiety, you may require a general anaesthetic for your comfort.
  • Expectation: It’s going to cost me a fortune to book my wisdom teeth removal on the Gold Coast.
    • Reality: While most private health care providers will subsidise the cost of wisdom tooth extraction, our clinic is also flexible around payment plans. We’re here to ensure you have the best quality oral health, so we’ll tailor our plans to meet your budget.
  • Expectation: I’ll need to book in to see an oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth removed.
    • Reality: Unless your case is particularly complex, the dentists at True Dental are more than capable of removing your wisdom teeth in the comfort of our clinic. Dr David Tate and Dr Tanya Jury have been performing wisdom tooth removal on the Gold Coast for years, so we can have the procedure over before you know it.


Signs You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

There are a handful of tell-tale signs that indicate a wisdom tooth extraction is needed, so keep an eye out for the following.

  • Recurring pain. Sometimes, a wisdom tooth can erupt without fully coming through. It will continue to do this over and over, causing you recurring pain. If it feels like your tooth is coming but it never quite pokes through, you should ask the dentists at True Dental about a wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Overcrowding. Wisdom teeth were useful to our ancestors who had a far rougher diet of leaves, roots, and tough meat. They needed the third set of molars, as their first two sets would wear down pretty quickly. Modern humans, on the other hand, no longer need wisdom teeth. Our mouths have grown smaller to accommodate our new diets, but our wisdom teeth remain, which can lead to overcrowding. If there’s no room for your wisdom teeth, it’s best to have them removed.
  • Impacted tooth. When wisdom teeth come through, they can often interfere with existing molars by growing into their space. This can lead to an impacted tooth which causes serious dental problems if left unaddressed. Usually, you’ll feel it if you have an impacted tooth.
  • Tooth decay. If your wisdom teeth come through without any pain, you may think you’re in the clear. However, you need to make sure you’re cleaning them properly. Many people don’t brush far enough back to clean their wisdom teeth, leading to plaque build-up and decay. If left for too long, decay can cause issues with your gums and the surrounding teeth.
  • Orthodontic reasons. If you’re looking at orthodontic solutions to address overcrowded teeth, it’s best to ask your dentist about the impact of your wisdom teeth. If they’re going to cause issues when they erupt, it may be worthwhile to organise a wisdom tooth extraction early.

How to Prepare For a Wisdom Tooth Removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed is not the same as booking in a general cleaning. You’ll need to make some preparations before your appointment.

  • Organise transport. You won’t be able to drive yourself home from your wisdom tooth extraction, so ask a friend or family member to give you a lift to and from the appointment. Alternatively, you can catch a cab or an Uber.
  • Avoid eating or drinking before your surgery. If it’s necessary, your dentist will advise you of how long you need to abstain from food and drink.
  • Arrive early. We’ll need to fill out some paperwork with you before your appointment, so make sure you arrive with plenty of time. This is also an excellent opportunity for the friendly team at True Dental to answer all your questions about your wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Organise your post-procedure care. Make sure you have a comfortable space to rest, plenty of ice packs on hand, and some smoothies or yoghurts to eat in the days after your wisdom tooth extraction. You’ll also want to take a few days off work to recover properly.

If you’re Looking for Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal on the Gold Coast, Contact True Dental

The True Dental team are professionals who specialise in providing comprehensive dental services on the Gold Coast. We’re passionate about dental health, and we believe that visits to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, painful, or overwhelming. Our team prides themselves on their ability to deliver compassionate, gentle, and professional services. We’re a family clinic, and we offer a range of services to suit all ages and teeth. If you’d like to inquire about wisdom tooth removal on the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can’t wait to help you smile with confidence.