Dental Crowns Gold Coast

True Dental’s Short Guide to Dental Crowns

If your dentist suggests that you may need a dental crown, there’s no need to panic. A lot of people hear terms like ‘crowns’ or ‘veneers’ and worry about everything from the procedure itself right through to the cost. The team at True Dental are here to ease your mind with our short guide to dental crowns on the Gold Coast. If you get to the end of this article and still have questions, feel free to contact the friendly team at True Dental to chat further about getting dental crowns on the Gold Coast.

What Are Dental Crowns And When Do You Need Them?

A dental crown is a method of restorative dentistry that allows us to re-establish the tooth’s shape, size, and strength. A full crown veneered encases the entire visible portion of the tooth and sits at the gum line. You can ask for crowns in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic. Each material has its pros and cons, so make sure you discuss these with your dentist so we can help you choose the best tooth crowns for you. Your dentist might recommend a dental crown if;

  • You have a cracked tooth. Whether your tooth has broken because of decay or force, you might need a crown to restore its structural integrity. Some cracks, however, don’t need crowns. Craze lines are small cracks usually found on the back teeth, but they don’t affect the structure of your teeth. We typically apply dental crowns to front teeth with painful cracks, but we’ll advise you of the proper dental treatment during our consultations.
  • You have worn down teeth. Teeth wear down over time due to a variety of reasons, but after a while, they can become sensitive to hot and cold foods, making eating an unpleasant experience. A crown covers the sensitive parts of the tooth, allowing you to eat and drink with ease once again.
  • You’d like to improve your smile. If you have discoloured or misshapen teeth, a dental crown can cover it, giving you the confidence to smile in photos.
  • You have a dental bridge. If you’re missing a tooth, you may have a bridge to fill the gap. A dental crown can help hold this bridge in place.

How True Dental Apply Dental Crowns on the Gold Coast

If you have dental anxiety, the team at True Dental find that merely understanding the procedure can help alleviate fears. Here’s how we go about dental crowns on the Gold Coast.

  • Initial appointment. In your initial consultation, we talk you through where and why you need a dental crown. We may take a few x-rays to check the roots of your tooth and to establish whether or not a root canal is necessary. We’ll keep you informed throughout the appointment. We’ll also consult with you about the materials you’d prefer for your crown, and we’ll work out a payment plan that fits your budget and needs. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and we’ll answer them openly and honestly.
  • Putting in the temporary crown. We first numb the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue, so you experience no pain or discomfort. We then reshape the tooth along the surface and the sides to make room for your dental crown. The amount of reshaping required depends on the material you choose for your crown. If your tooth is significantly worn down, we’ll use filler materials to build it up to support the crown. Once the reshaping is complete, we’ll use putty to make an impression of your tooth, which is then sent away to be manufactured into your permanent crown. We’ll make you a temporary crown out of acrylic and send you on your way.
  • Putting in the permanent crown. Once we check the colour of your permanent crown is correct, and we’re sure it fits your tooth and bite, we’ll numb your tooth and gum again. Your dentist will remove the acrylic crown and cement your permanent crown into place.

The Difference between Dental Crowns and Veneers?

The words ‘crown’ and ‘veneer’ are sometimes used interchangeably, but it’s incorrect to think of them as the same. There are a few key differences between the two.

  • Crowns are more durable. Veneers serve a primarily cosmetic purpose, whereas crowns are a restorative treatment. They’re typically made of more durable materials.
  • There’s a cost difference. Veneers tend to cost less than crowns on average.
  • A veneer only covers the front surface. Because veneers are cosmetic, they only cover the visible surface of the tooth. A crown restores integrity to the tooth, so it covers the entire bite surface.
  • Crowns can be applied to implants. Dental crowns can be affixed to implants and bridges to act as a replacement for natural teeth, whereas veneers must be applied to natural teeth.

Contact True Dental If You Need Dental Crowns on the Gold Coast

The True Dental team are professionals who specialise in providing comprehensive dental services on the Gold Coast. We’re passionate about dental health, and we believe that visits to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, painful, or overwhelming. Our team prides themselves on their ability to deliver compassionate, gentle, and professional services. We’re a family clinic, and we offer a range of services to suit all ages and teeth. If you’d like to inquire about dental crowns on the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can’t wait to help you smile with confidence.