Reasons to wear a mouth guard

5 Reasons Your Child Needs a Properly Fitted Mouth Guard

  • A Precise Fit will Provide Superior Protection to the Gums and Teeth

It is important to note that a dentist fitted mouth guard will provide greater protection than traditional boil and bite or pre-made guards as it is custom made for the recipients mouth. This means that not only does it cover areas the other guards may have missed but it will be less likely to fall out or become misaligned with the teeth. Thereby providing superior protection to those beautiful pearly whites.

  • Properly Fitted Guards Can Reduce the Chance of Concussion

Studies have indicated that athletes wearing over the counter mouth guards are more than twice as likely to suffer concussions than those wearing custom-made, properly fitted mouth guards.

  • Your Child will be able to Breathe Properly! 

A properly fitted guard is less likely to be bulky and obstructive within the oral cavity. This means that the wearer will be able to focus on the game at hand and not on where the next breath is coming from!

  • They Generally Last Longer

Custom made mouth guards are less likely to break apart or fall out. They are expected to outlast the season and are usually more cost effective long term.

  • The chance of Jaw Fractures is Reduced

Some sports are known to be responsible for traumatic bone fractures when impacts occur to the chin. Dentist fitted Mouth guards can reduce distortion to the mandible (jaw bone). Thereby reducing the possibility of jaw bone fractures.


  • How Much Does a Guard Cost with True Dental?

Mouthguards can be fitted and custom made from $140 (Inclusive of fit) with a variety of colours available

  • How long does it take to make?

True Dental will endeavour to have your guard ready in just 7 days! All Set for your next sporting event!

  • What is my next step for superior mouth, brain and jaw Protection?  

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