Dental Care 101

Where we need to start with keeping the teeth clean.
I routinely ask patients if they have been shown how to brush their teeth. Many of them tell me that they were told once by the dentist when they were younger. This sometimes can be over 20 years ago. Unfortunately, sometimes I am also told that they have never been shown how to brush their teeth. So, they scrub their teeth like they see in movies.

Source Dreamworks

While twice daily toothbrushing is important, cleaning the plaque off every tooth surface is the only way to prevent tooth decay. With proper toothbrushing technique being the first step to properly cleaning the teeth.

For everyone that needs to be shown how to brush, from young kids to adults (because it been awhile). I show them the Bass Technique.


The teeth should be brushed for 2 min, 2 times a day!

The picture here can be confusing and somewhat misleading, so I like to follow the Tell, Show, Do method.

Tell –     “Need to brush for 2mins”
“45 degree angle, with circular motion”
“Brush outside, inside and biting surfaces”
“Don’t forget about brushing the tongue and gums”

Show – Using the fake teeth model, these brushing strokes are shown to the patient

Do –       The patient then shows he the technique on either the model or on their teeth with the toothbrush given to the patient in the hygiene bag

I believe it is extremely important for everyone to know how to brush their teeth properly. If anyone has any troubles brushing the teeth I am happy to show them in person. They just should come down to our clinic True Dental.